Request an Appointment Call: (480) 756-6000 or Text: (480) 660-4040

Request an Appointment Call:
(480) 756-6000 or Text: (480) 660-4040


Telemedicine is an approach that allows our physicians to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients using telecommunication technology. Telemedicine provides clinical services to patients without an in-person visit. This type of care is frequently used for follow-up visits, management of chronic conditions, medication management, and consultative services.

The Benefits.

Using telemedicine has a host of benefits for patients to include:

  • Less time away from work

  • Reduced travel cost

  • Less interference with child or elderly care responsibilities

  • Privacy

  • Reduces potential exposure of illnesses or other infectious diseases to our staff, patients, and family members

  • Shorter wait times

  • More available scheduling options

  • Dedicated onsite staff and Ultrasound techs

  • Remote ultrasound reads/MFM interpretations

  • Videoconferencing with providers for Face-to-Face delivery of results, education and support

  • Options in how the provider contacts you and when


Telemedicine Services We Offer.

  • Genetic Counseling

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Consultations

  • Diabetic Management Counseling

How It Works.

From the moment that the ultrasound exam confirms that you’re pregnant

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