Request an Appointment Call: (480) 756-6000 or Text: (480) 660-4040

Request an Appointment Call:
(480) 756-6000 or Text: (480) 660-4040

Our Approach

We are the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists with a mission to create the best possible outcomes for high-risk expectant mothers. Our unique model, collaboration and co-management, is what sets us apart as premier MFM Specialists. We focus on building strong relationships with each of our referring OB/GYN providers. VPS works with the referring provider to co-manage Mom’s pregnancy and consistently achieve the highest level of gestational age possible for babies. We provide peace of mind to our patients and their providers by being on Mom’s side every step of the pregnancy.

We meet the varied needs of pregnant women with advanced maternal blood testing and genetic counseling, first-trimester screening including nuchal translucency ultrasound, and second trimester detailed fetal surveys, genetic sonograms, and echocardiograms. We stand at the forefront of cutting-edge development in high-risk pregnancy research, management and treatment.

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