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Request an Appointment Call:
(480) 756-6000 or Text: (480) 660-4040

Preterm Birth Assessment

We’re excited to let women know they can take a Free Preterm Birth Assessment!

PopNatal™ is the first digital health screening tool designed to identify women at risk for preterm birth from the onset of their pregnancy. At Valley Perinatal, we want every expectant mother to be as educated and aware as possible about her health. Our goal together with Nixxi Health is to create better outcomes for mothers and babies and help lower the rate of pre-term birth.

Who Can Take It?

Patients who are currently pregnant and those who are planning to become pregnant are both encouraged to take the assessment regardless of their personal or obstetric health history.

How It Works

PopNatal™ is entirely digital; therefore it does not require blood or urine specimens. You can self-administer PopNatal™ on your mobile device in 15 minutes or less. All data is then sent within a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

Once you have submitted your information, PopNatal™ analyzes demographic, medical, and obstetrical factors using an advanced algorithm to predict the risk of delivery prior to 37 weeks. The test then puts you into two risk categories:

When Can You Take It?

  • HIGH-RISK: Indicates a 4-fold increased risk for preterm birth before 37 weeks’ gestation
  • LOW-RISK: Indicates a 96% chance of not delivering prematurely

You can take this assessment at the onset of pregnancy or even preconception to inform your care plan.

Your Results

Valley Perinatal patients can discuss their results with their physician and develop a customized care plan.

If you have been referred to our clinic—but the referral didn’t include a consult—we review the assessment with your ultrasound data and provide a suggested care plan that you can discuss directly with your primary OB/ Gyn. Additionally, our providers are always available to help in the care plan and co-management of the patients as requested or recommended.

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