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When you get the news of a possible pregnancy complication, having an expert on your team can ease your worries. Valley Perinatal's maternal-fetal medicine specialists have often experienced situations just like yours before, so they know how to guide you and your OB through a successful delivery.

What is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist?

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists are physicians who specialize as Ob/Gyns and take three additional years to become board certified in maternal-fetal medicine. In addition to pregnancy health care and delivery, MFM's have the training to handle high-risk pregnancies. There are MFM's who also specialize even further on specific pregnancy conditions. At Valley Perinatal, we make sure to match each mother with the MFM best suited to care for her needs.

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Valley Perinatal helps pregnant women in high-risk situations. Our world-renowned Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists provide the best known programs for both mother and baby. Working hand in hand with mothers and their Ob/Gyns, we can achieve the best possible outcomes.​

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What our patients have to say

“Dr. Elliott made it clear that if there was a way to carry all five babies, he knew how to make it happen. And he did!” – Michael Baudinet


“Our 3 babies got here safely and healthy thanks to your monitoring. It’s crazy that they’re all here and doing so well! Thank you for your services and knowledge.” – Brittany Cutright


“Our sweet boys came into this world healthy and full of life because Dr. Elliott took a chance and met me that evening when I was desperate to save our babies. ” – Lindsay Muñoz

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Do I keep seeing my Ob/Gyn?

Your Ob/Gyn continues caring for you while working closely with one of our Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists. Typically your Ob/Gyn will also perform your delivery. Our MFM will work closely with your Ob/Gyn to ensure the very best possible outcome​ for you and your baby.

Why do I need more ultrasounds?

​If you are visiting Valley Perinatal for the first time, we will perform an advanced ultrasound. One of our MFMs will thoroughly review the ultrasound to identify any abnormalities. Depending on what conditions are discovered, additional ultrasounds may be needed, but our primary goal is to ensure the safety and health of you and your baby.

What does MFM mean?

MFM stands for Maternal-Fetal Medicine. An MFM specialist is trained in caring for high-risk pregnancies, such as multiple gestational (2+ babies), advanced age, abnormal fetal conditions, and much more.

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