Patient Stories

There is a way to make it happen

“Dr. Elliott made it clear that if there was a way to carry all five babies, he knew how to make it happen. And he did!” – Michael Baudinet  


Thank you for your services…

“Our 3 babies got here safely and healthy thanks to your monitoring. It’s crazy that they’re all here and doing so well! Thank you for your services and knowledge.” – Brittany Cutright  


Dr. Elliott was ready and had years of experience

“Our sweet boys came into this world healthy and full of life because Dr. Elliott took a chance and met me that evening when I was desperate to save our babies. ” – Lindsay Muñoz


Patient Stories – The Luceros Quintuplets

Experiencing the joys of parenthood has not come easy for the Luceros. Last year after finding out they were pregnant with quintuplets, they were told that they needed to reduce the number of fetuses to have any chance of a successful pregnancy. Unwilling to accept that news, they flew from New York to Arizona to […]


Morrisett quadruplets delivered successfully at 34 weeks

Dr. Elliott delivered the Morrisett quadruplets at 34 weeks a few years ago. The Morrisett family moved from Kansas to Arizona to have Dr. Elliott oversee their pregnancy and delivery. The Morrisett quadruplets weighed more at delivery than any other set of quadruplets ever delivered in Arizona.